HAMMERFALL Unveil Complete Track Listing For New CD

July 2, 2002

Sweden's HAMMERFALL are currently finishing up the lead guitar tracks and vocals for their as-yet-untitled fourth full-length studio album at HELLOWEEN singer Andy Deris' studio Mi Sueno in Tenerife, Spain.

Ten songs are being recorded for the album, which is tentatively due to be released in late October through Nuclear Blast Records.

The complete track listing for the effort (in no particular order) is as follows:

01. Trailblazers
02. Riders Of The Storm
03. Hearts On Fire
04. The Unforgiving Blade
05. Hero's Return
06. Angel Of Mercy (CHASTAIN cover)
07. On The Edge Of Honour
08. Crimson Thunder
09. Lore Of The Arcane
10. Dreams Come True

According to guitarist Oscar Dronjak, "[this] past week, we have been working mostly on the vocals for 'Hearts On Fire', 'Dreams Come True' and 'On The Edge Of Honour', and Stefan has recorded all of his solos but one. He also took care of the acoustic guitars for 'Dreams Come True', which is a soft, slow ballad without any drums or bass. 'Hearts On Fire' was a bit tricky, because when the original verse melody was there the beginning of the song didn't really click. It was hard to put the finger on it, but something had to be done. We ended up moving lines around and coming up with new ones until the verse really came together. Now, it is going somewhere all the time, leading into the pre-chorus very nicely. This was especially important since we are considering this song for the first single, and it became even more like one when we added some extra guitars. With the prominent backing vocals in the chorus, 'Hearts...' is shaping up to be a most satisfying effort!

"There isn't much left for me to record, but I have a couple of solos to go through, and 'Riders Of The Storm' was first. As I am not a lead guitarist like Stefan (I find it more gratifying to play riffs than scales),I had dreaded this moment. It wasn't easy — [producer] Charlie [Bauernfeind, i.e. BLIND GUARDIAN, GAMMA RAY, RAGE] can be very relentless - but it turned out really cool in the end. We added some harmonies, and, volià, the solo was completed!"

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