March 23, 2010

Eulogy Recordings has announced the signing of Connecticut's HATE YOUR GUTS. The band's new album, "Bastard's Disease", will be released this summer. The CD was recorded by Jay Silvestri and Kurt Zikaras at the Elwood Studio in Milford, Connecticut and was mixed and mastered by Nick Bellmore at Dexter's Lab (HATEBREED, KINGDOM OF SORROW, TOXIC HOLOCAUST) in Milford, Connecticut.

Commented guitarist Pat Serpe: "HATE YOUR GUTS is very excited to be working with such a prestigious record label.

"We have been working very hard, and are so appreciative of John and everyone at Eulogy Recordings for having us be a part of their label.

"We are ready to get the word out with the release of our new album, 'Bastard's Disease', this summer.

"We are going to be touring full-time in support of the album to show everyone that we are working hard to fulfill the standards of Eulogy and hardcore music.

"Thank you to everyone who has showed us support in the last few years."

Eulogy owner John Wylie added: "HATE YOUR GUTS represents the true hardcore spirit and are ready to take the world by storm. Dedication, hard work and an amazing album will make them a household name in no time."

Hailing from New Haven, Connecticut, HATE YOUR GUTS offers no-warning, pure relentless good old-fashion hardcore nihilism. According to a press release, "Put on the CRO-MAGS' 'Age Of Quarrel' record, a little RINGWORM and some vintage HATEBREED in a trash bag alongside two baby wolf cubs, shake it up and there you have it."


Rob Anderson - Vocals
Chris Loso - Drums
Pat Serpe - Guitar
Brian Coon - Bass

For more information, visit www.myspace.com/hateyourgutsct.

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