HATEBREED Frontman: 'We Cannot Wait To Get Back Out And Do A Full Set!'

May 29, 2006

HATEBREED frontman Jamey Jasta has posted the following message on the band's official web site:

"We are almost done mixing 'Supremacy'. It is all-out mayhem, carnage and completely crushing brutality. August 29th is the date. Mark your calendars. We leave for Europe June 1st. We cannot wait to do this tour and play some new material for all you folks. New shows have been added, Greece, Italy, Germany and finally Bulgaria!!!

"We were all at E.TOWN's last show at Starland Ballroom so we decided to get up on their gear and do some songs. That show ruled! Thanks to E.TOWN for the friendship through out the years and much thanks to all our friends from Jersey, Philly and New York; East Coast was in the house! The place exploded when we hit the stage and we got to see a lot of old faces. That show really made us want to get back out on the road!!! We are going to do a full us headline tour after Ozzfest. We cannot wait to get back out and do a full set!"

In a recent interview with Decibel magazine, Jasta said about HATEBREED's new music, "If I don't get a surge of adrenaline or my hair doesn't stand up from a song, we simply won't use it. I listened to 10 new songs on the way here today and I was smashing my steering wheel the whole way. The music has to do that — it has to speak to me like the records I love."

Added guitarist Sean Martin, "I get insulted by artists who say, 'We need to grow up now,' and then change their formula. HATEBREED should be HATEBREED. I don't feel stifled by it. I reach outside of the box with other projects [Martin is actually very interested in electronic-based music] and stay inside with HATEBREED. It's good because it keeps me fresh for these guys."

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