HEARSE: 'Pure, Rough And Organic' New Album To Surface Before Summer

February 13, 2005

Swedish "death 'n' roll" band HEARSE, featuring former ARCH ENEMY singer Johan Liiva, have posted the following message on their web site:

"Puuuhhh! The recording of HEARSE's third album is finally finished! It actually begun feeling like a DEF LEPPARD recording lasting forever! It doesn't sound like a DEF LEPPARD recording though, we're happy to say! Illnesses, computer breakdowns, sex changes, lack of time and money and a bunch of other reasons have made this recording an everlasting nightmare. Anyway, now we finally stand here with the master CD that'll be the album 'The Last Ordeal', and it feels just great!

"So what's the deal then? The album will contain nine songs, with titles like 'Pathfinder', 'Shackles of Guilt', 'Bountyhunter' and 'Ambrosia', just to mention a few. As usual it's a non-sterile, non-modern, non-polished and a non-neat-sounding recording. Just pure, rough and organic with herbal essance!

"Expect this rock 'n' roll adventure in death metal land to be released sometime before summer!"

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