HEAVEN SHALL BURN: 'Endzeit' Video Posted Online

February 1, 2008

"Endzeit", the new video from Germany's groundbreaking death metal and hardcore fusionists HEAVEN SHALL BURN, can be viewed below.

While filming the clip with director Philipp Hirsch, the band was temporarily arrested during their subversive activities. Guitarist Maik Weichert explains: "While we were shooting the video for 'Endzeit', me and Marcus were dressed as service technicians and installed several cameras in the pedestrian and other public areas of Leipzig’s city centre. Of course it was fake cameras, but they looked pretty real. While we were preparing the observation of the local branch office of a well-known fast food company, four police officers approached us and asked us what we were doing. Apparently worried citizens had called the cops telling them something suspicious was going on. I asked them if those 'worried citizens' really meant us as there are many suspicious people walking around in the city of Leipzig! One of the policemen thought this was funny, another was seriously pissed off and the remaining two cops did not seem to get the joke, I think. Afterwards they got a little rougher and threatened to take us into custody. We were basically left with two options: Either we could shoot them down and bail, or simply solve the situation by showing them the camera man's press card, what we eventually did. After the officers had contacted the police station and double-checked with their chief they let us go. Of course we were smart enough to secretly film the incident and it will always be a highly entertaining part of our private video collection. Unfortunately, we can not post it, but anyway once again we were almost arrested, but you have to take risks if you want to be metal!"

"Endzeit" comes off the band's new CD, "Iconoclast (Part 1: The Final Resistance)", which was released in Europe on January 28 through Century Media Records. Artist extraordinaire an up-and-coming visionary for cutting-edge art Bastian Sobtzick created the artwork for "Iconoclast".

Visit the brand-new "Iconoclast"microsite for more information and a clip from the Wacken Open Air 2007 show, which is available in its entirety on the bonus DVD of the aforementioned limited edition.

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