HEIDEVOLK: Another New Song Posted Online

March 20, 2010

Dutch folk metal six-piece HEIDEVOLK will release its new album, "Uit Oude Grond" ("From Old Soil"),on March 26 via Napalm Records.

"Uit Oude Grond" was recorded at S&K Studio in Doetinchem, Holland with producer Dick Kemper. 11 songs were laid down during the sessions "ranging from epic and solemn folk tunes to brutal and merciless metal riffs," according to a press release. The CD was mixed and mastered by Dick Kemper while Awik Balaian created the album artwork.

The track listing for the CD is as follows:

01. Nehalennia
02. Ostara
03. Vlammenzee (Sea Of Flames)
04. Een Geldersch Lied (A Gueldrian Song)
05. Dondergod (God Of Thunder)
06. Reuzenmacht (Giants' Might)
07. Alvermans Wraak (Revenge Of The Alverman)
08. Karel Van Egmond, Hertog Van Gelre (Karel Of Egmond, Duke Of Guelders)
09. Levenslot (Fate Of Life)
10. Deemstering (Dusk)
11. Beest Bij Nacht (Beast By Night)

Check out a trailer for the CD below.

The track "Ostara" is now available for streaming on the band's MySpace page.

According to a press release, "Uit Oude Grond" sees HEIDEVOLK "delivers[ing] its most varied release in terms of music and lyrical concepts to date. The new album differs from its predecessors due to its heavy and sonorous songs. The sound is more powerful, coming very close to the heavy electrifying atmosphere of HEIDEVOLK's live performances.

"Because HEIDEVOLK enjoyed more studio time for 'Uit Oude Grond', more attention could be spent on broader choir-like arrangements. Folk instruments like the violin and mandolin are again abundantly present.

"Featuring 11 songs ranging from epic to brutal, HEIDEVOLK will take you on a journey through the history, mythology, folklore, and nature of their native Gelderland. Continuing in the vein of their previous releases, HEIDEVOLK stays true to its musical and linguistic roots while elaborating on its unique style.

"HEIDEVOLK create with 'Uit Oude Grond' a musical and lyrical monument for the legends and sagas of their homeland Gelderland. The sextet stays tenaciously true by enveloping Gelderland's history in a compactly woven garb of folk and metal. Authentic traditional folk instruments meet the heaviness of the electric guitars and the thundering drums, providing the perfect setting for the sweeping clean vocals of both frontmen.

"'Uit Oude Grond' is a harmonious and genuine work that covers the wide spectrum of sing-along hymns, acoustic ballads, and epic heroic anthems. A pagan metal album for raised fists and mead-filled drinking horns!"

The official release party for "Uit Oude Grond" will be held April 2 at LuxorLive in HEIDEVOLK's hometown of Arnhem. Also appearing on the bill will be XIV DARK CENTURIES and GRIMM.

HEIDEVOLK's last album, "Walhalla Wacht", was released in 2008 via Napalm Records.


Joost den Vellenknotscher - Drums
Joris den Boghtdrincker - Vocals
Mark Splintervuyscht - Vocals
Reamon Bomenbreker - Guitar
Rowan Roodbaert - Bass

For more information, visit www.Heidevolk.com.

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