HELENA MICHAELSEN's ANGEL Begin Recording Full-Length Debut

February 28, 2005

ANGEL, the new band led by IMPERIA/ex-TRAIL OF TEARS singer Helena Michaelsen, have completed work on a four-song promotional single, "Don't Wanna Run", tentatively due this spring through Black Lotus Records.

The single will be available through the Black Lotus Records online CD shop and through Helena's official web site. A rough video of "Don't Wanna Run" will also be released around the same time and will be available as a free download.

ANGEL have just hit the studio again in Germany to record their full-length debut. There will be some 12 songs on the album and the style of the music is said to be "very different" from that of IMPERIA. "Helena will be experimenting with her voice more and she'll use more of her normal voice," reads a posting on the singer's web site. "The album will also be less metal oriented than IMPERIA is."

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