HELMET: 'Betty' Download-Only Reissue Detailed

June 23, 2010

Alternative metal legends HELMET have reissued their third and much beloved 1994 album "Betty". The download-only release includes the 14 original album tracks plus five bonus cuts, all available through the HelmetMusic.com web site. The additional tracks were originally only available on the 10-inch double gatefold LP and 12-inch single for "Biscuits for Smut", released by Interscope in 1994.

Here's the extra goods in detail:

01. Flushings
02. Thick
03. Pariah
04. Biscuits for Smut (Pooch Mix)
05. Biscuits for Smut (Mutt Mix)

HELMET's new album, "Seeing Eye Dog", is tentatively due on August 24 via Work Song, the label imprint shared by singer/songwriter Joe Henry and HELMET mainman Page Hamilton's manager.

Regarding the musical direction of the new CD, Hamilton told AOL's Noisecreep, "It's a cool album. I'm really into it. It's really good. The mastering guy was freaking out. That makes you feel good. You have to take some time to step back from it. I'm the singer, songwriter, guitar player, producer. I do all the backing vocals and all the extra instruments. It's just about putting everything into it and making it great. You can't really worry about what people are going to say ... a lot of people have a musical agenda or a stylistic agenda. 'I like emo.' Well, we're not emo. 'OK fine.' We're not metal. We're not hardcore. It's just HELMET."

On the subject of the album's title, Hamilton told CityBeat, "I usually shy away from political statements, but there is some social commentary on the album. A seeing eye dog is one that leads the blind around. I also read a poem by Ezra Pound, one of my favorite poets, called 'The Seeing Eye', and the image just stuck in my head."

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