HERETIC: New Album Details Revealed

July 8, 2012

"A Time Of Crisis", the comeback album from U.S. power/thrash metal act HERETIC, will be released on July 26 through Metal On Metal Records. The band stayed true to its roots and created a really solid CD in the best U.S. metal tradition: heavy, melodic and aggressive.

The cover art for "A Time Of Crisis" was created by a tattoo artist Tom Berg and can be seen below.

"A Time Of Crisis" track listing:

01. The Divine Inquisition
02. Tomorrow’s Plague
03. Betrayed
04. Remains
05. A Time Of Crisis
06. For Your Faith
07. Raise Your Fist
08. Heretic
09. Child Of War
10. Police State
11. The End Of The World
12. Let Me Begin Again

Three songs from the album can be streamed below.

The band, formed in 1985 in Los Angeles, California, released an EP, "Torture Knows No Boundary" (1986),and a full-length, "Breaking Point" (1988),through Metal Blade Records before disbanding. Later on the founding member, songwriter and guitarist Brian Korban together with bassist Dennis O'Hara formed REVEREND, which featured the vocal talents of the late David Wayne (METAL CHURCH).

In 2011 Brian Korban reformed the band, recruiting Julian Mendez, the vocalist who sang on the band's first EP. Soon they were joined by the seasoned musicians, long-time friends and collaborators, guitarist Glenn Rogers (VIKING, ex-HIRAX, ex-DELIVERANCE, ex-STEEL VENGEANCE and others) and bassist Angelo Espino (BITCH, ex-REVEREND, ex-HIRAX, ex-ANGER AS ART, ex-UNCLE SLAM and others) and a young, but talented drummer Ignazio Coppola.

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