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September 30, 2007

HERMANO, the California-based band featuring vocalist John Garcia (UNIDA, KYUSS),and guitarist Dave Angstrom (SUPAFUZZ),has posted two songs from its upcoming album, "…Into The Exam Room", due in Europe on October 19 via Suburban/Soulfood. Check out the songs "Kentucky" and "Exam Room" on the group's MySpace page.

Standing as the group's most emotional release to date, this album comes straight from the heart, reflecting the growth and maturity of HERMANO since their formation in 1998.

With this release, HERMANO has delivered "the most ripened collection of material since their inception," according to a press release. "No longer fitting into the simple and over-used moniker of 'stoner rock,' with this release they've cleared away the 'stoner' and left the 'rock' to stand alone. Refreshing, and inspirational, '…Into the Exam Room' isn't just a throwback to the authentic tones of the '60s and '70s. It's the here and now. It's all of the nuances that you've been wanting out of rock music that were seemingly lost in the sea of bands that sounded alike, looked identical, and were promoted in the same suit. HERMANO have made their own clothes."

Recorded in various romantic locations all over the United States (in the high desert of California, by the Great Lakes of Ohio, in the deep south of Georgia, and in the rolling meadows of Kentucky),the material for this album traveled over 30,000 miles before ending up in the mixing studio with the master of sonic passion, Mr. Russ-T Cobb, and at its final destination under the consummate mastering techniques of Glenn Schick, both in Atlanta, Georgia.

"…Into The Exam Room" track listing:

01. Kentucky (3:22)
02. Exam Room (3:14)
03. Dark Horse II (4:49)
04. Left Side Bleeding (2:53)
05. Out of Key, But In The Mood (4:30)
06. Hard Working Wall (3:57)
07. Bona-Fide (3:55)
08. Don't Call Your Mama (4:19)
09. Adoption Boy (2:43)
10. At The Bar (4:43)
11. Our Desert Home (3:25)
12. Letters from Madrid (1:56)

Upcoming HERMANO shows:

Nov. 06 - BE Brussels VK
Nov. 07 - UK London Underworld
Nov. 08 - FR Paris Nouveau Casino
Nov. 09 - ES Bilbao Santana 27
Nov. 10 - ES Madrid Heineken
Nov. 11 - ES Barcelona Apolo
Nov. 12 - EL Athens Gagarin 205
Nov. 13 - IT Milan Transilvania Live
Nov. 14 - DE Stuttgart Rohre
Nov. 15 - DE Bielefeld Forum
Nov. 16 - DE Hamburg Logo
Nov. 17 - NL Eindhoven Effenaar

Watch HERMANO's video for the song "My Boy" (taken from 2005's "Dare I Say"):

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