HIM, KREATOR, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, DIMMU BORGIR Members Featured In 'Promised Land' Documentary

September 8, 2009

Members of HIM, NORTHER, KREATOR, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, ENTOMBED, CARCASS, KORPIKLAANI, DIMMU BORGIR and SONATA ARCTICA are among the musicians who were interviewed for "Promised Land of Heavy Metal", a documentary about the history and philosophy of heavy metal and how it became such a big deal in a small country called Finland.

The filmmakers tell the story of Finnish metal, from its early "underground" days to the present success stories, by interviewing famous musicians, experts and event organizers, a psychiatrist and a doctor of theology. The film takes the viewers literally from the graveyard to the Finnish President's palace!

Why is metal a religion for so many? What are its links to Satanism and ritualistic murders? What made metal mainstream in Finland? Why does the Finnish church have metal masses? What is the future of metal, after LORDI won the Eurovision Song Contest and even the President approves? Strong opinions are offered: some see metal as the new folk music, while others detest its commercial aspect.

The film is narrated by Kimmo Kuusniemi, a filmmaker, SARCOFAGUS guitarist and a forefather of Finnish metal. Kimmo has lived in England for 16 years, and sees the current popularity of heavy metal as a strange phenomenon.

The "Promised Land of Heavy Metal" TV documentary was developed by producer Sakari Heiskanen from YLE (The Finnish Broadcasting Company).

A four-minute trailer for "Promised Land of Heavy Metal" can be viewed below.

For more information, visit www.promisedlandofmetal.com.

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