HOLY MOSES: Complete Reissue Schedule Announced

November 11, 2005

Long-running German thrashers HOLY MOSES had their early albums "Finished with the Dogs" (1987) and "The New Machine of Liechtenstein" (1989) reissued through Armageddon Music in August. The CDs were digitally re-mastered and were released in the jewel-case format, with full booklets, lyrics, liner notes, modified artwork and never-before-seen photos of HOLY MOSES and the group's frontwoman, Sabina Classen. HOLY MOSES will have their 1986 debut, "Queen of Siam", released on CD for the first time later this month via Armageddon Music. As a special bonus, the "Queen of Siam" reissue will contain an ultra-rare demo recording with the group's old drummer, Snake. Armageddon Music have also announced plans to re-release the rest of HOLY MOSES' early catalog, including 1990's "World Chaos", 1991's "Terminal Terror" and 1992's "Reborn Dogs". The complete re-release schedule is as follows:

Nov. 24, 2005: "Queen of Siam"
Jan. 30, 2006: "World Chaos"
Feb. 20, 2006: "Terminal Terror"
Mar. 20, 2006: "Reborn Dogs"
Apr. 10, 2006: "No Matter What's the Cause"
May 15, 2006: "Too Drunk to Fuck"
Jun. 10, 2006: "Master of Disaster"
Jul. 17, 2006: "Disorder of the Order"

A retrospective DVD will follow in the spring.

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