HORSE THE BAND To Enter Studio In March

December 31, 2008

HORSE THE BAND — the experimental metalcore act from Los Angeles — has issued the following update:

"We're about to sign to a new label! I think it is a good home for us. It has other bands that we like and a super-legit history of other bands that we LOOOVE. Can you guess it?

"We're supposed to record our new album in March and release it worldwide in late May/early June. Here is the most insane part, I emailed Jamie Stewart from XIU XIU and it looks like (not for sure yet) he is going to be producing. The album is supposedly going to be kinda devastating new wavy with blue-collar '80s movie soundtracks hovering close to mind, with some more fucked-sounding blurbly game boy than previous outings, lots of oberheim, lots of synth brass, lots of spazz and fast, wrenching, a bit more light-hearted yet at times completely sickening, and concentrating on melody and having every riff on the album be able to stand on its own.

"Our videographer, Gary LaChance, just started working six hours a day on the Earth Tour DVD. This thing is going to be a double-DVD monster. We're going to do one live DVD of edited footage from all the best shows, with a track for each song we played on the tour. And the second DVD, which will probably be a double layer cause there's so much shit is going to be the story of the whole tour and everything you would expect/not expect to happen to us, kind of like our old DVD but we're older, with more experienced livers, a bad attitude, and sexier bone structure that comes with age. When that comes out you will know about it.

So, we should know really soon our exact recording dates. If we have enough time, we're going to do a South American tour in April after we record. It looks like we'll be back in Europe starting May for all your early summer festivals, and we're going to play a lot of shows in Russia and Ukraine again and visit some other crazy Eastern European places we haven't been. Hopefully culminating in Kazantip hahahahaahaah. Summer hopefully will be Warped Tour in the U.S. Then I don't know. But back to Europe in November!"

"Murder", the latest video from HORSE THE BAND, can be viewed below (courtesy of Metal Injection).

Commented director Gary Lachance: "The video was filmed live in Belgrade, Serbia midway through HORSE's Earth Tour which was self-funded, self-booked and traversed 45 countries in 90 days. The show was packed with crazed Serbians power drinkers who, before entering, had chugged innumerable three-liter bottles of beer and gorged themselves on five-pound hamburgers. They had come from far and wide. These were rural wildmen… hill people. The venue was a cramped, smoky dungeon, with an overflowing bathroom, no security, terrible sound and a tiny stage that emptied onto a slimy concrete staircase, which was to serve as a battleground for the hundred or so fanatics in attendance. Things were looking good. And from the first note, it was nonstop anarchy, a heaving tangle of violence and hilarity as brutish men and merciless women performed a dance of death, hurling themselves and their opponents to the floor, crushing each other in 20-something dogpiles, tearing steel fences from the floor, destroying the few functioning light fixtures, removing their clothes, and coming dangerously close to ruining HORSE's equipment and ending the tour."

HORSE THE BAND's third full-length album, 2007's "A Natural Death" (Koch Records),sold 3,500 copies in the United States in its first week of release, according to Nielsen SoundScan. The CD featured significant lyrical and musical evolution into the concepts of nature and mortality while moving slightly away from the band's previous Nintendo metaphors. The song "Murder" is inspired by the Western novel "Lonesome Dove", in which a Native American named Blue Duck stalks and kills white settlers on the plains.

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