IGNITE: 'Our Darkest Days' Tour-Edition CD To Surface In April

March 30, 2007

IGNITE's upcoming European tour will be accompanied by a relaunch of their acclaimed album "Our Darkest Days". The limited tour-edition will be available for a fan-friendly price and will include two bonus tracks ("Last Time" and "Bleeding"),a video clip ("Bleeding") and alternate artwork.

"Our Darkest Days – Limited Tour Edition" will be released in Europe on the following dates:

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux, Italy: Friday, April 13
U.K., France, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Rest Of Europe: Monday, April 16
Sweden, Finland, Hungary: Wednesday, April 18

IGNITE's video for the song "Bleeding" can be viewed at this location. The band, who have been crafting some of the most definitive melodic West Coast hardcore over the past decade, are also known for their no-holds-barred social and politically engaging lyrics. This song and video is no different as the subject deals with the Iraq occupation by the U.S. As bassist Brett Rasmussen explains, it is about "the lies our government told us to get us into a war without taking the rest of the world's consideration into it." Vocalist Zoli Teglas, who wrote the lyrics, has a younger brother currently stationed in Iraq, where, as Zoli explains, "he is forced to risk his life driving Halliburton execs to meetings that benefit the politicians and not the people."

The performance footage of the video was shot in the blistering California desert where the band attacked their instruments. Interspersed with news footage of the war and intense images, the message is driven home by director Chris Sims (LAMB OF GOD, AS I LAY DYING).

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