INFECTED RAIN Singer LENA SCISSORHANDS: 'Please Stay Home. I'm Begging You.'

March 30, 2020

Singer Elena "Lena Scissorhands" Cataraga of the Moldovan extreme metal outfit INFECTED RAIN has urged the band's fans to do their part in keeping everybody healthy while they are at home due to the coronavirus pandemic.

On Sunday, Cataraga took to her Facebook page to share a four-minute video in which she implored everyone needs to take this pandemic seriously. Stay home, she says, and above all — practice social distancing.

She said (see video below): "What's up, guys? I had the idea of doing this specific video from other friends and fellow musicians, and I encourage my other colleagues and friend musicians to do it as well.

"Well, here it goes.

"I really don't think you guys understand how serious the situation we're living in at the moment, especially how much that affects artists. All kinds of artists — tattoo artists, painters, performers, dancers. But I can speak for myself. I am a musician, and this affects very much me and my band and music in general.

"I get messages from friends around here and people that just know me that invite me to hang out and go out and party and join them for this or that or that, and my answer is always, 'Fuck no! I'm staying at home.'

"It's been more than two weeks that I'm staying at home, and I am not going to be in contact with anybody, because this is my decision, and because this should be your decision too.

"Because of people that don't think about that, and because of people that don't take it serious, this virus just goes everywhere. We are transmitting it to everybody, and even if we don't get sick, we just bring it to the next person, and that person takes it to the next person that it gets in contact with, and it's an endless pandemic that we have to deal with. And it's getting more serious every day in the world and here in America, where I am at the moment.

"Now, I wanna tell you one thing. If you didn't notice, a lot of artists had to cancel their shows, their concerts, their events, and this is serious — it's very serious. And maybe it will sound a little bit selfish at the moment, what I'm going to say, but I really want to play shows, I really want to travel the world and be on a stage with INFECTED RAIN. So in order for that to happen, you have to stay home.

"Please stay home. I'm begging you. And thank you to everybody who does already, and thank you for all the artists and all the musicians that are doing videos like that and that are trying to change your mind and your perspective on what's happening in the world. And I'm begging you — please, please be smarter and take good care of yourself and of your loved ones, and everything is gonna be okay for as long as we are united in all this.

"Let's work on this together. Stay home. Stop going out and partying, and stop taking this like a little vacation, 'cause this is not a vacation — this is something really serious that is just affecting everybody.

"My mother is a nurse. She goes to work every day. And she is at risk because of people like you that are going out. And my stepdad, he is a truck driver. He goes to work every day. He brings food to your supermarket, so you can have something to eat.

"So please, please, please stay home. Please be smarter.

"I love you. And stay safe. Bye."

More than 740,000 coronavirus cases have been reported worldwide and more than 35,000 deaths so far, putting public health systems and emergency services under immense pressure.

U.S. officials have repeatedly urged Americans to heed what federal, state and local officials are asking of them in order to curtail the spread and dampen the impact of the virus on the population.

INFECTED RAIN's fourth album, "Endorphin", was released last October via Napalm Records.

If you want to ever see any bands at all. Respect the rules of this global pandemic!

Posted by Lena Scissorhands on Sunday, March 29, 2020

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