IRON MAIDEN: Four Songs Mixed, Six More To Go

April 18, 2006

IRON MAIDEN producer Kevin Shirley has issued another update as part of his ongoing studio diary covering the making of the group's new album, tentatively due this fall. An excerpt from the latest entry follows:

"We worked Monday to Wednesday, and while it was constructive, it was more of the same. I have four songs mixed for the album, which I've told you is going to have 10 songs in the end. There is a fifth on the console, which Steve [Harris, bass] is going to sing some backing vocals and play some keyboards on today — and then I'll print the mix, which will leave us another nine tracks to finish, five for the album as well as the four extra tracks for B-sides, etc.

"I think the album has a name, but I haven't been told it — and those lame MP3s going around the Internet which someone is insisting are leaked MAIDEN tracks are just bogus — anyone with an ear should know that — shit, even a deaf Ed-head would know that!

"Monday, Steve and I work on a couple of tracks, Jan [Gers, guitar] came in and played some guitar parts — a lead harmony here, reinforcing an intro melody there, basically bringing everything up to speed to mix, which I've done. Adrian [Smith, guitar] was in to sing a backing vocal along with Steve, and Wing Commander Biggles was in Wednesday for two lead vocals — before I had to rush to the airport to get a late night flight to Rome — for the Easter break. Actually, I am using 90% of Bruce's [Dickinson] original tracking vocals, which have their own unique spirit when he sings live with the band. I'm just using the new vocals for an occasional lyric mix-up or a melody change, but they're basically his live takes! And that's not me being lazy, I fully expected to use more of the redone vocals, but the live ones are killer!"

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IRON MAIDEN recently confirmed a full European leg of their world tour for this coming winter 2006. The trek will start in Scandinavia on November 9 and will include new album material, which will be released prior to the tour.

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