IRON MAIDEN: New Album Mastered

April 10, 2003

IRON MAIDEN have finished mastering the much-anticipated follow-up to 2000's "Brave New World", due later in the year through Sony/Columbia Records.

The following is producer Kevin Shirley's latest posting to his official web site:

"Woah - New York is such a fun city and now I'm in 'clear air chop' on a very bumpy teeth-rattling flight from New York headed back to London, feeling just a little tired after an action-packed few days which included mastering the new IRON MAIDEN album with George Marino yesterday and a fun night dining with John Kalodner, after which I bumped into Bob Rock and Lars Ulrich at my hotel who were in town to master the new METALLICA album today! So, it was a wine-adled hosting of 'heavy metal story time' at the bar at 2am and then I had to get up at 5.45am to make my flight, which was just a tad rough on me! Actually, we were singing the praises of Jon Cain and Neal Schon of JOURNEY, which might have seemed very strange if you'd been a fly on the wall amongst such head banging company! . . . I'll devote myself to abstinence and a diet of spring water and maple syrup! By the way, I bumped into Monte from Roadrunner Records who host the blabbermouth webpage, and he and Lars both confess to being readers of these pages, so count yourselves in fine company! Did an interview for Guitar World magazine on the forthcoming LED ZEPPELIN releases and I find it very hard not to foam at the mouth like a rabid dog as I expound on the virtues of this awesome set from the world's greatest band, ever! So, check out the magazine, which should hit the stands around the same time as the DVD and CD sets are released - May 27."

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