IRON MAIDEN Producer Says Band Sounds 'Much More Solid' Than On 'Brave New World'

January 12, 2003

IRON MAIDEN producer Kevin Shirley, who is currently working with the band at a London studio on their as-yet-untitled follow-up to 2000's "Brave New World", has posted the following recording update via his official web site:

"The Three Amigos in the studio! IRON MAIDEN guitarists, Dave, Jannick and Adrian. They all get on and like each other — it's sickening! * Got a call from Dave Pattenden at the Sanctuary offices telling me that Sanctuary would prefer it if I would let them see pics of the band in the studio before I post them, and I said, 'of course, I'd never post material without everyone knowing.' Turns out someone hacked into my site's root folder and nicked some of my pics and posted them on the IRON MAIDEN bulletin board. Well, I think that's incredibly rude, and not commendable — so Up Yours, mate! * Late start yesterday, as Bruce had some commitments, and the band started about 1pm with a long, complicated song with a fast double kick figure throughout in 6/8 time. After a few false starts, we finally got a take done, and they turned to look at me inquiringly, and I tried to sound enthusiastic and just said, 'Well, we'll get there!,' but I was a little concerned because the drum part is very difficult. Finally, after 6 long takes, including a tea break while darkness set over the river, we got a scorching pair of takes in 5 and 6, and once again I am so impressed and delighted. I think I've never heard the band sound so good. Adrian's solo is blistering, and Kicko-Nicko is so strong. It's so much more solid than the 'Brave New World' recordings, and it sounds fantastic! No MAIDEN today [Saturday, Jan. 11]. We try and maintain some semblance of normalcy and all enjoy our families on the weekend."

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