IRON MAIDEN's STEVE HARRIS: There Are No Overdubs On "Rock In Rio"

March 24, 2002

IRON MAIDEN bassist/mainman Steve Harris has posted the following message via the group's official web site at in response to the accusations that, contrary to the various bandmembers' previous claims, the group's Rock In Rio live album contains studio overdubs:

Let's get one thing straight. [IRON MAIDEN frontman] Bruce [Dickinson] is NOT a liar.

There are NO overdubs on this live album. While it was being mixed in New York by [producer] Kevin Shirley and myself, Bruce was in London to my knowledge, or wherever he was, it's not an issue except to say that he couldn't overdub anything if he wasn't there!

What HAS happened is that I made an executive decision to cut and paste with a computer to put back in, his LIVE on the night vocals into parts where he was getting the audience to sing on some choruses on some lines on their own. The reason I did this is because in the cold light of day it sounds better with him back in there because sometimes the audience were either out of time or not quite loud enough. So I simply cut out parts of his vocal on the line before and pasted it into the next line, which was possible because it was a repetitive part.

I find it amazing that people would question this band's integrity and indeed go as far as accuse someone of being a liar. Supposed fans like that we don't want, as far as I'm concerned we're better off without people like that. If you don't like what I've done with the album, don't buy it. Simple!

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