IRON MAIDEN Singer Postpones Solo Album, DVD

August 27, 2004

According to a posting on The Bruce Dickinson Well Being Network web site, IRON MAIDEN frontman Bruce Dickinson has had to make some changes in his solo DVD and album release schedule to make room for MAIDEN releases.

"It appears the DVD has been postponed until next spring," the posting reads. "This is to avoid having it 'competing' with the IRON MAIDEN DVD coming out in October.

"This has caused a dreadful delay in his release schedule postponing the release of his new album until next autumn!

"Bruce will most likely do the promotion bit for the album next summer, probably coinciding with a MAIDEN tour.

"It might be a poor comfort to some, though, but it looks like the upcoming MAIDEN DVD will have some interesting stuff on it. Remains to be seen if they manage to get it out without too many silly delays."


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