IRON MAIDEN Singer's BRUCE AIR To Fly Again In June

February 19, 2005

IRON MAIDEN singer Bruce Dickinson will be flying a chartered plane filled with MAIDEN fans on Tuesday, June 7 from London, England to the band's gig in Reykjavik, Iceland. A posting from IRON MAIDEN's webmaster Skunk on the band's official Bulletin Board reads as follows:

"We are in the process of trying to plan another special Bruce Air trip this summer to the show in Reykjavik, Iceland on Tuesday June 7th. However before we go ahead and start putting the pieces into place we need to get a clear idea of numbers.

"Simply post [here] with your name and number of tickets you would require.

"Please DO NOT post a response unless you have a very strong intention of purchasing a ticket. If you post with no intention of going it may make the trip impossible for others. If you have any other questions there will be a seperate thread for this purpose and we will try and answer as many questions as we can about this trip.

"Cost would be approximately £300 per person.

"The cost would include:

* Return flight from/to Gatwick inclusive of airport taxes, etc.
* Ground Transport from/to Airport in Iceland and Venue
* Standing IRON MAIDEN ticket
* On both flights and at the airport photo's will be available with Bruce and 2/3 pieces of personal memorabilia will be signed.

"The Rough Itinerary for the day - Tuesday 7th/Wednesday 8th:

* Check in Gatwick 7.45am
* Flight 666 - Boeing 757 - Leaves Gatwick Airport 9.45am
* Arrival at Keflavik Airport, Iceland - Approx 11.15am
* Transport to Reykjavik (with possible Blue Lagoon excursion if requested/required (extra cost TBA))
* Show will start approximately 8.00pm - finish around 11pm.
* Transport from Venue to Airport - leaves 12.30am
* Departure back to Gatwick - approx 1.45am
* Arrival at Gatwick - Approx 5.00am
* All tubes / trains and buses are fully operational at this time.

"Bruce says, 'I had such a blast on the Dublin trip on the last tour, and I was sorry that we didn't have the chance to open the trip up to more people earlier. Iceland is a great place and a terrific party town. Mind you, I'll be on the mineral waters if I'm flying the plane.

"'Folks... we have a 757, we have a gig in Iceland, the tickets are held, the inflight entertainment is rocking, and you'll be up in eternal light on June 7th...that's a Tuesday. The plot is to go out am on the 7th, get there 11ish local, and have all day to hang/blue lagoon it/imbibe whatever, followed by IRON MAIDEN indoors at around 8 ish. Tix will be very close up and personal and post gig bash in downtown excellent Irish Pub. Leave for airport at 12.30 am in broad daylight and back in Gatwick for around 4.30 ish when trains and tubes are running to get you home. That's the plot.

"'All we need are names to get numbers and then we can price it exactly. The price is estimated at between £250-£300 including ticket, flight, all taxes and transport Kef to Reykjavik. Once we get an idea of the interest then I can proceed with further negotiations!'"

Interested parties can add their name in this thread. Any questions regarding this potential journey, post them here.

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