Is BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE 'Only U.K. Metal Band' That Can Fill JUDAS PRIEST's Shoes?

April 29, 2011

Uber Rock recently conducted an interview with guitarist Michael "Padge" Paget of Welsh metallers BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Uber Rock: With JUDAS PRIEST gearing up for their final tour, speculation from the metal press that IRON MAIDEN's "Final Frontier" album could be their last, how does it feel when BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE is being mentioned as the only U.K. metal band that can fill their mighty shoes?

Paget: Well, that is true to some extent. But we still dream about being the U.K.'s Number 1 band, and it's still a long way away yet. I think that is the prize that every band wants — to be the biggest band in the world.

Uber Rock: You personally enjoy the heavier end of the metal spectrum such as CARCASS and TESTAMENT along with a love of the blues. Do you think we will see a solo project from Michael Padget when the band takes a break, and if so what form would it take?

Paget: Yes. I am working on my album right now. I have seven tracks demoed already, and still working on it at home. It is heavy metal, with chugging riffs, with screaming bluesy metal guitar solos everywhere. It's gonna be great. I hope people like it.

Uber Rock: You were recently due to support IRON MAIDEN at their Japan dates during the recent earthquake. Thankfully, everybody in the BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE camp were lucky to leave unscathed. What were the feelings of the band during the atrocities?

Paget: We got diverted when we were in the air over Taiwan; so we had to stay the night there, and then fly into Japan the next day. They were still having some crazy aftershocks, and driving from the damaged airport we seen huge cracks through the road and stuff. Our crew were in the hotel for the big quake, some of them ran, some accepted their death and waved to people in opposite hotels goodbye. But everyone was safe. We all met up in the hotel lobby and when all your friends are with you things never seem that bad.

Uber Rock: Can you tell us about your gig from Hell as a performer or as a fan?

Paget: As a performer, my gig from hell was in New Jersey somewhere. We played a shithole club years ago with our friends 36 CRAZYFISTS. The stage was low so everybody could see you. The stage was horrible and full of holes...Yep you guessed it, halfway through "4 Words", I found one of these holes with my foot, and the momentum made me fall flat on my face, destroying my guitar, and very badly damaging my ego.

Read the entire interview from Uber Rock.

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