Is ROSE TATTOO Too Rock 'N' Roll For Australian Music Industry?

August 10, 2006

Patrick Donovan of The Age's "Sticky Carpet" (web site) has issued the following report:

Are ROSE TATTOO too rock'n'roll for the Australian music industry? Seven members of the band — Angry Anderson, Geordie Leach, Ian Rilen, Rob Riley, Mick Cocks and the late Pete Wells and Dallas "Digger" Royal — will be inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame next Wednesday, but unlike fellow inductees the DIVINYLS, DADDY COOL and ICEHOUSE, the band were not asked to perform on the night. "They probably think we will turn up pissed and tell everyone to get f----d," Anderson told Sticky, "but those days are long gone. We're not really fazed."

As with Helen Reddy and ailing Lobby Loyde, their peers will pay tribute to them in song. Anderson says the band nominated four young Aussie bands — JET, THE LIVING END, THE CASANOVAS and the SPAZZYS — to carry out the honour, and JET were happy to oblige with "We Can't Be Beaten".

Anderson is thrilled that Loyde, who once played bass with the TATTS, will be inducted on the same night. "I believe in synchronicity and I think this was meant to be. We both have made our contributions to music but under the radar."


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