February 24, 2003

As first predicted here last week, METALLICA have officially announced the addition of bassist Robert Trujillo to the group's ranks.

Trujillo, a former member of SUICIDAL TENDENCIES and OZZY OSBOURNE, fills the slot left vacant by the departure of Jason Newsted.

"We've all known, and have been huge fans of Rob since the early '90s when he was a part of the legendary hardcore/metal band SUICIDAL TENDENCIES," the band said in a statement posted at "We got to know Rob when we played together with SUICIDAL in Europe 1993, during the 'Nowhere Else To Roam' tour. We were impressed by Rob's roaring bass style and his very cool, unique vibe onstage, things we got to see again during the '94' 'Summer Shit' tour when SUICIDAL joined forces with us.

"My visions of Rob are when we did Summer Shit 94 Tour with SUICIDAL, and DANZIG," METALLICA frontman James Hetfield said. "I remember being blown away by the fierce-ness and seeing Rob, as this monster on bass. He brings an awesome new strength to the band, and makes us step up."

"I must say Ozzy, Sharon, Zakk, Mike Bordin, all the team and family members mean the world to me. Love and respect, my family 100 percent. I am very stoked, excited and look forward to my new journey with my METALLICA brothers. STEP UP!" revealed a pumped up Rob Trujillo.

"We've taken a long time to find the right bass player for us," continued the band's statement. "Obviously being a good bass player is important (!!) but it was also very important that whoever we found would fit in as a family member, a brother with a huge vibe. We wanted a fourth band member, not just a new bass player.

"I am very excited for Rob to be in the band and it feels like we are a new band, yet again," said guitarist Kirk Hammett.

"When Rob came to San Francisco the first time and jammed with us, we all felt this incredible magic between the four of us. It was just something that we could not describe, we all just knew it. Bob Rock told us right after the jam, that it sounded like a fucking 747 taking off!!"

"I am soo fucking excited to be a full unit again," said drummer Lars Ulrich. "The last two years of just being the 3 of us have taught me soo much about myself, about James and Kirk and about METALLICA. And to welcome Rob into METALLICA in 2003 after all the growth and soul searching we've been through for the last two years, feels so fucking awesome. Being at full strength again is at this moment indescribable.

"We're fuckin' bristling with new energy, new respect, new vibes and a huge fucking appetite for everything METALLICA is. Having Rob here, and him choosing to become a part of our family, will enable us to get to yet another level. So welcome Rob!"

Pictures of the new METALLICA lineup can be viewed at this location.

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