JACK FROST: Solo Album Studio Report

May 10, 2005

Over a few bottles of wine and some Italian pastries, www.thatssometal.com was invited to join Jack Frost (guitarist for SEVEN WITCHES/BRONX CASKET COMPANY) in the studio to get an exclusive first listen to the tracks from his forthcoming second solo disc. A report from the web site reads as follows:

"Jack has put an awful amount of time and work into the new CD, utilizing even more talent from the metal community than on his first outing and offering a batch of new music that does not repeat itself from his first solo effort.

"When asked of his personal feelings on the new material he said, 'The music will ultimately do the talking. This to me is probably the best written record of my career. It's everything I have ever imagined and this project contains some of the best singers I have ever worked with in my life.'

"We were surprised at the way Jack was able to mold and create the sound he wanted from the vocalists to be the perfect compliment to his guitar playing. The recording is pure high energy and electrifying from start to finish. Jack is not done with the disc, though we got to hear seven completed tracks.

"For an example of what he does to his singers, for 'Wasted Love', sung by Ted Poley from DANGER DANGER, he brought out the best side to Ted that most have never heard, now he sounds more ballsy, stronger, and was able to hit and hold very strong notes. 'Crucifixation', sung by Neil Turbin [ex-ANTHRAX] is full-on classic almost speed metal in nature with Neil turning out some screaming vocals reminiscent of his classic work on 'Fistful of Metal' from ANTHRAX. 'Hell or High Water' is done by Jersey's own Alan Tecchio of HADES, a darker tune, a little modern sounding without being trendy. 'Out in the Cold' features Terry Ilous from XYZ and has a very singable chorus and a definite pseudo DOKKEN feel, all ready for radio. An incredible cover of 'Sign of the Gypsy Queen', originally done by APRIL WINE, again features Ted Poley giving another solid performance, and 'Hold on Loosely' by .38 SPECIAL is tackled vocally by Jack Frost himself. Both tracks contain a ton of melody, both in the choruses as well as coming from the barrage of guitar harmonies. Another cover, which will surprise many, is a cover of a BABYS tune from the late '70s."

Jack Frost's new solo record is tentatively scheduled for release in September.

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