JACK RUSSELL'S GREAT WHITE To Release 'Once Bitten Acoustic Bytes' In May

April 14, 2020

Former GREAT WHITE and current JACK RUSSELL'S GREAT WHITE frontman Jack Russell will release a very special acoustic album revisiting GREAT WHITE's 1987 multi-platinum masterpiece "Once Bitten" featuring some of their biggest and most recognizable hits, including "Save Your Love" and "Rock Me". Aided by the likes of guitarist Robby Lochner (who also produced and mixed the album),longtime GREAT WHITE bassist Tony Montana (now on guitar),bassist Dan McNay and drummer Dicki Fliszer, these songs have been stripped to their emotional core, spotlighting the intensely passionate story at the heart of each song. Just check out the new version of the unforgettable ballad "Save Your Love", which has been shorn of all rockstar pomp to reveal a heartfelt hymn yearning, love and loss. Or just watch the new video, directed by Vicente Cordero of Industrialism Films (QUEENSRŸCHE, TOM KEIFER),which communicates the song's message powerfully.

Russell explains: "'Once Bitten' is one of my favorite albums that we did. I always wondered what it would sound like done acoustically. The experience recording this unplugged version was really neat. It brought back a lot of memories of the original recording session, things I had forgotten about. Interestingly, the songs that I thought wouldn't translate acoustically like 'Livin' On The Edge' and 'Never Change Heart', the heavier songs, came out the best. Now, I'm looking forward to doing it again for '…Twice Shy'."

"Once Bitten Acoustic Bytes" will be available everywhere starting May 1 on digital as well as CD and a limited-edition blue vinyl LP from Deadline Music, a division of Cleopatra Records, Inc.

Track listing:

01. Lady Redlight
02. Gonna Getcha
03. Rock Me
04. All Over Now
05. Mistreater
06. Never Change Heart
07. Fast Road
08. Livin' On The Edge
09. Save Your Love
10. Babe (I'm Gonna Leave You)

JACK RUSSELL'S GREAT WHITE's debut LP, "He Saw It Comin'", was released in January 2017 and featured the singles "Blame It On The Night", "Sign Of The Times" and "Love Don't Live Here".

Russell was fired from GREAT WHITE in December 2011 (after being on hiatus from the group since 2009). He sued his onetime bandmates the following year over their continued use of the GREAT WHITE name after Jack had taken a leave of absence from the band for medical reasons. A short time later, Russell was countersued by Mark Kendall, Michael Lardie and Audie Desbrow, claiming the vocalist's self-destructive behavior was damaging the GREAT WHITE name (they also alleged he was charging promoters less for his own touring version of GREAT WHITE). The parties settled in July 2013 without going to trial, with Russell now performing as JACK RUSSELL'S GREAT WHITE while the others are continuing as GREAT WHITE.

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