JACKYL Singer Explains Benefits Of Signing With Smaller Label

October 30, 2002

JACKYL frontman Jesse James Dupree recently spoke to Electric Basement about the band's decision to release its latest CD, titled "Relentless", through a small independent label (Humidity Records) following a lengthy stint with Geffen Records, which issued some of the group's earliest recorded output.

"The big labels have so much overhead. It's like they can't afford to do business but they can't afford not to do business," Dupree said. These guys came to the party with an attitude, great work ethic and some greenbacks to help market it. And you know, JACKYL is not an easy sell. We never have been the flavor of the day. There's bands out there that have number one records at rock radio that can't sell 200,000 records. We've never had a number one at rock radio, maybe 6 or 7 top 5 but it's translated into 3 million in sales collectively. We're kind of fortunate people don't have to have it beaten into their head. They just have to know it's out there."

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