JANE'S ADDICTION's NAVARRO Comments On Surprise SXSW Gig, Free New Music Downloads

March 22, 2009

The original lineup of JANE'S ADDICTION played a "surprise" set last Thursday night (March 19) at C3 and Playboy's "Rock the Rabbit" show at the old Safeway in Austin, Texas as part of this year's SXSW (South by Southwest). Guitarist Dave Navarro writes on his web site, "It was the first time we have had the opportunity to spread out a bit on a larger stage and we played to about 1,000 people, our fullest house yet. We started the set with 'Three Days' and took it from there."

He adds, "I have to say that I am very lucky and honored to be playing with such a great and diverse group of players. Everyone was on form the other night. [Eric] Avery [bass] stomping around keeping the solid rolling bottom, Perk [drummer Stephen Perkins] unyielding as always, and Perry [Farrell, vocals], the ultimate showman, captivating as ever."

Fan-filmed video footage from the concert can be viewed below.

JANE'S ADDICTION released two new studio tracks online this past Friday (March 20) via Ninja2009.com, the tour site for the forthcoming co-headlining tour with NINE INCH NAILS. The two studio cuts available for free download are "Chip Away" and "Whores", both songs that fans will recognize from 1987's self-titled live release (released on the independent XXX label).

Comments Navarro: "The thinking [behind releasing the new recordings was] that we wanted to give our longtime listeners something to celebrate the tour and 'Whores' has always been one of the tracks that defined JANE'S early on. The XXX version, while full of attitude and captures the time it was done, lacked some of that complete sonic 'turn it up in the car while driving fast' quality... even though we did!"

He continues, "We recorded the songs with Trent [Reznor of NINE INCH NAILS] as he seemed a perfect fit for us. We are, after all, going on tour together. He did an amazing job working with us, which isn't always easy! He brought an updated take on the songs while insisting on staying true to the JANE'S raw sound of the time. Now, for the first time, these multi-tracks are available for download so you can do mixes and tweak the songs anyway you want."

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