JANE'S ADDICTION Guitarist DAVE NAVARRO Designs 'The Strap'

December 11, 2014

JANE'S ADDICTION guitarist Dave Navarro has teamed up with the devious minds at The Stockroom to create a signature line of exclusive products. The collection begins with "The Strap", a most unique guitar strap design. It combines the functionality of a guitar strap, BDSM restraints, a wearable belt, and locking collar. It covers the aspects of fashion, function, and attitude for live performance.

Dave has always had an affinity for fashion and style born from the fetish underground. The Dave Navarro Line by The Stockroom is the iconic guitarist's official debut into fashion design.

2014 marked the 25th anniversary of both The Stockroom, Inc. and the groundbreaking album "Nothing's Shocking" from JANE'S ADDICTION, so the timing was perfect for yet another meeting of the worlds of rock and roll, fashion and fetish.

"When The Stockroom first approached me to do a signature line, I was truly honored," said Navarro in a press release. "I have been a customer and a fan of the company for years.

"Fetish lifestyle and fashion have inspired me since the early days of JANE'S ADDICTION and the community will forever have a special place in my life.

"I worked very closely with the team at The Stockroom and have come up with a few pieces that marry both aspects that are important to me, customer aesthetic and usability."

The Strap is available for immediate sale and the first 500 straps will be signed by Dave. The remainder of the product line is set to officially debut in the New Year. Included in the line will be Dave Navarro's infamous custom-made black latex performance pants, dubbed Dave Navarro's Black Latex Jeans. Dave's Jeans feature a 2" lower waistline and more slim-fitted legs than other men's pants from The Stockroom's latex brand Syren Couture — a fit and silhouette that Dave has custom-ordered for years. Striking black latex Blazers will also be offered in three designs.

Dave will debut a very unique version of The Blazer on the finale of "Ink Master" on the Spike network Tuesday, December 16 at 10 p.m. EST.

Additionally, the line will include Black Gloves with heavy steel zippers, and Latex Gauntlets. All five pieces in the collection are made by hand by the artisan staff at The Stockroom's Los Angeles facility on West Sunset Blvd in Silverlake and were designed with Dave.

Dave wears all pieces of the line regularly, and with pride.

The Dave Navarro Line by The Stockroom is available at Stockroom.com.

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