JASON NEWSTED: I Have Always Aspired To Play Bass In VOIVOD

November 19, 2002

Former METALLICA and current VOIVOD bassist Jason Newsted has admitted that he has harbored a secret desire to join the latter group for several years — long before his much-publicized split with Hetfield and co. in January 2001.

"I guess, over the years at different times, it was always a secret, true aspiration to be the bass player of VOIVOD," Newsted said in an interview posted at Voivod.com. "We've talked somewhat seriously about this actually happening since 1995 (ever since we created [side project] TARRAT). I also feel strongly about my hard-earned ability to bring some long deserved recognition to these brilliant musicians, whom I've looked up to since the early days of this music that the four of us helped to invent.

"I'm not starting over again [by joining VOIVOD]...I'm just continuing. A positive rebirth has occurred for me in the case of joining VOIVOD. It is a new beginning for all four of us...together."

Jason Newsted is currently producing VOIVOD's forthcoming album, "The Multiverse", at The Plant studios in Sausalito, California. The album is scheduled for a Mar. 4, 2003 release through his own Chophouse Records label.

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