JASON NEWSTED: 'New VOIVOD Is Best Album I've Ever Been Part Of'

December 23, 2002

Former METALLICA and current VOIVOD bassist Jason Newsted (a.k.a. Jasonic) has posted the following message via the Chophouse Records web site:

"Howdy Friends - OK - WHEW!! We have been super busy...the whirlwind has begun. Since I last posted here in the last week of November, tons of great things have transpired. I'll bring you up-to-date.

"We all met in New York City on Tuesday December 3rd to do a full-on photo shoot with Danny Clinch - it was awesome!! It was freezing cold out in Greenpoint, Brooklyn by the water, freezing for metal!! The pictures came out incredible!! (We'll be sharing a lot of these with y'all in the near future).

"Wednesday December 4th was the big day - finale!! We went to Sterling Sound in Chelsea to meet with George Marino and put the finishing touches on the album. We all had a great experience. Listening to the final product of two solid months of long days of metal on George's perfect-sounding system was a great reward! I think that we all feel a great sense of accomplishment. And speaking for myself, a fantastic feeling of satisfaction. I already feel successful because of what we've done together, truly together! So - after the overwhelming emotional day, I finally could sleep soundly for a night. A hard-earned rest.

"On Thursday December 5th we met up with Iann Robinson for an MTV interview. We played some of the new music for him and his pals. There was a lot of air guitar going on. A good sign. And then the following 30 hours were spent playing the CD on different sound systems for our people that will help to spread the VOIVOD experience to listeners that will show the music respect and appreciation.

"Now, one week later, the Chophouse staff and Surfdog folks have been planning the assault to bring the metal to the people, including plans for the first VOIVOD video, promo releases, touring festivals, etc. I am stoked!!

"Snake, Piggy, and Away all agreed that this album is the best VOIVOD offering to date. I know that this is the best album that I've ever been a part of. And my best bass performance so far!!

"...And with that happy note, I will say - C-YA!!!!



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