December 19, 2002

Despite his previous statements to the contrary, ex-METALLICA bassist Jason Newsted — currently a full-time member of VOIVOD — is no longer available to return to his former group.

"It would only happen if [METALLICA frontman] James [Hetfield] called me and asked me, or came to the house and asked me, looked me in the eyes and said, 'Dude, come rock with me,' " Newsted told MTV. "I would have done that when I was asked that question three months ago. Now that I'm in [VOIVOD], no, I wouldn't go back to METALLICA. I'm not gonna go back to METALLICA.

"If the inevitable 'someday' [comes] and there's a reunion and we play 10 shows for some people and we make it a real special thing that can meet the quality of what we created," he continued, "then I would be a part of it somewhere down the line. But right now, VOIVOD is my main focus and 100 percent of my time. I don't see a lot happening in the METALLICA camp. ... I don't see a lot of dedication to the music, and without that, you know, it's pretty tough."

Newsted, who spent 14 years in METALLICA before announcing his departure from the group in January 2001, says VOIVOD can kick METALLICA's ass.

"I have to show respect to them, but at the same time I can offer the challenge. I'd like to play on the same stage, VOIVOD and METALLICA, and we're gonna see who's what. That's really important to me, as a fan of METALLICA, to see them come on and kick ass again. But also at the same time, I think that I'm in a band now that can kick their ass.

"So that's where it's at, guys. The offer's out on the table."

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