JEFF PILSON Is Really, Really Excited About The New WAR AND PEACE CD

March 2, 2004

Former DOKKEN/DIO bassist Jeff Pilson has posted the following message on his official web site:

"The WAR AND PEACE CD is being mastered today, so should have some sound clips up soon. There will probably be clips up on the Z Records website as well, I'll try and make our clips different — for variety. I must say I'm so extremely pleased with how this record came out. The music really moves me, hope it moves all of you as well. I feel like this is a very complete record from start to finish. And it really plays as a body of work, with connecting themes and variations. This is actually the first record I've ever mixed myself, and I'm not a mixing engineer, but I'm proud of the energy of the disc, and hope it sounds good on all of your systems. It's been one of the most rewarding creative experiences of my career, seeing everything, myself, from start to finish. It's so amazing to have one's own studio in which to do all this in. It's been a true labor of love. And where I know I'm not in a position to sell millions of records with this, I just hope we can all really spread the word and it gets to the audience who could potentially enjoy it. I loved making this record so very much, I hope I can continue to do this. So let's get on other websites and talk about it as the day approaches — April 19th — and maybe we can make some noise. Z Records have been so extremely supportive of this, and for all the right musical reasons — I'd love to do them right with this. Because there's still no word on a US release, I'm expecting we'll be selling the Euro version on the website, which will include the bonus track. I'm excited about that as well, because it's a version I just recorded of the DOKKEN song 'Walk Away'. I did it with a string quartet, and a single vocal. I'm real happy with it, anxious to hear how you all feel about it. Fourteen tracks on the CD, and I'm pleased with them all. Don't wanna overstate it, but I am so very excited about this disc. Can you tell?"

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