JOE BONAMASSA And ALEX SKOLNICK React To Viral Video Of Guitarist Serenading Airplane With Worship Songs

April 16, 2022

Blues-rock guitarist Joe Bonamassa and TESTAMENT's Alex Skolnick have weighed in on a viral video of a man playing his guitar while singing worship songs about Jesus to a plane full of passengers.

The clip, which originated on TikTok before shared on Reddit's Travel Freakout subreddit, shows a young man strumming his guitar, singing what appears to be a worship song. Several people who appear to be part of the worship service later join in for a singalong, much to the dismay of some of the other passengers on what is believed to have been a European flight (due to the fact that mask restrictions were not being enforced).

According to TMZ, the video was shot/posted by Jack Jensz Jr., who seems to be a pastor of some sort, and who founded an organization called Kingdom Realm Ministries. Jack and his congregation were recently in Europe helping out the refugees fleeing Ukraine, and speculation is that the clip was shot on a flight to Germany around a week ago.

Earlier today, Bonamassa retweeted the video and included the following message: "My only question other than WTF, is how did he managed to actually get the guitar on the plane without being hassled? Oh and that guy in the blue-ish shirt looks like he is about go medieval on the inflight entertainment's lead singer."

Skolnick also chimed in, writing: "Pro guitarist/lover of guitars here. I'd support someone going full 'Belushi' (ie 'Animal House') on the guy. More practically, the staff should've put a stop to this insanity right away. It's not only causing a disturbance to most passengers but inflicting religious propaganda."

In the U.S., domestic travel laws require that airlines allow guitarists to carry on their instruments, provided that they fit beneath the seat in front of the passengers or into an overhead storage compartment.

In 2003, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the American Federation of Musicians reached an agreement allowing airlines to treat guitars not only as checked baggage but also as carry-on items.

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