JOHN MACALUSO, RANDY COVEN, MARCO SFOGLI Featured On 'Heroes Temporis' Rock Opera

March 3, 2007

"Heroes Temporis" is the name of a a new rock opera with a progressive origin. The encounter of different worlds and atmospheres fascinated Giancarlo Trotta and Luca Contegiacomo (the former a classical musician, a prog musician the latter),both from Battipaglia (Salerno); thus the idea of a rock opera was born, something that allowed the coexistence of a 100 elements symphonic orchestra and a rock band, lyrical and pop vocals, classic arias and rock rhythms.

"Heroes Temporis" is a complex opera, focused on the knowledge and purification travel of the main character, who will find out that reality is illusion. The duo is supported by great international professionals such as John Macaluso (drums; ex-ARK, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, TNT, STARBREAKER) and Randy Coven (bass; ex-YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, STEVE VAI, MOUNTAIN, ARK),by the young Italian guitar-hero Marco Sfogli (JAMES LABRIE),by tenor Francesco Napoletano and by the renowned Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra directed by Giacomo Simonelli.

The result? Lyrics in Italian and Latin but with an international depth, a cultured approach and a scratching sound, great melodies and rock dynamics for an opera that will be talked about.

The lineup:

Francesco Napoletano: vocals (Fondazione Arena di Verona)
Ivana Giugliano: vocals
Giancarlo Trotta and Luca Contegiacomo: piano, keyboards, moog, fx, programming
Marco Sfogli: guitars
Randy Coven: bass
John Macaluso: drums
Roberto D'Aquino (Edoardo Bennato, Gigi D’Alessio): bass, Stick.
Simone Gianlorenzi: acoustic guitar
Matteo Salsano: narrations
Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra Sif. 309 directed by Maestro Giacomo Simonelli
Composition of the literary parts: Prof. Pietro Ruggiero

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