JUDAS PRIEST Guitarist Says He's Learning From Younger Bands

March 1, 2005

Launch Radio Networks reports: JUDAS PRIEST releases "Angel of Retribution" today, its 15th studio album and first with original vocalist Rob Halford since 1990's "Painkiller". Even though PRIEST has been a recording act for over 30 years, guitarist Glenn Tipton said paying attention to new music has helped PRIEST keep their sound fresh. "Every day you listen to new music and without knowing it, if you pay tribute and respect to the younger bands, you know, you're listening and learning from them," he said. "You're a fool if you don't keep your ear to the ground. Everybody in this band is aware of what's going on, and we've sort of never let the sands of time cover us over. We've always moved on. We've always been aware of what's going on around us."

"Angel of Retribution" is available as both a standard CD and a DualDisc, which features the CD on one side and DVD material on the other.

PRIEST launched their European tour on Feb. 23. There's no word yet on when the band will hit North America or who will warm up for them, although QUEENSRĊ¸CHE are strongly rumored to have secured the main support slot.

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