JUDAS PRIEST Manager Says No Press Conference Is Planned

February 5, 2003

JUDAS PRIEST Management Co-Ordinator Jayne Andrews has shot down a widely-circulated rumor that PRIEST are planning a press conference on March 1 to announce a reunion with former singer Rob Halford.

"We have not planned a press conference for 1st March or any other date!!" Andrews said. "The guys are all working on new material so why would we need a press conference?? Again, as I keep on saying, we would announce it if anything like this was going to happen!!! Please stop believing all this rubbish — I do not lie!!"

In the same statement, Andrews once again reiterated her position that there is no truth to the rumors that PRIEST guitarist Glenn Tipton was in attendance with his son at the opening-night gig of HALFORD's current mini-tour at House Of Blues in Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday night (Feb. 1).

"This rumor about Glenn Tipton and his son being at Rob Halford's show in Las Vegas is definitely NOT TRUE!!" Jayne said. "Glenn was not there!! He hasn't been to the States since the end of the US tour last August!! Whoever is saying they were talking to him at the show are totally wrong — HE WASN'T THERE!!! Glenn is in England working on new material — why don't these people believe the truth instead of trying to say I am lying???!!!!"

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