JUDAS PRIEST Singer Jams With ANTHRAX In Cleveland

May 25, 2003

JUDAS PRIEST frontman Tim "Ripper" Owens joined ANTHRAX onstage during their appearance at Agora Theater in Cleveland on May 15. "Tim came down with his very pregnant wife Jeannie and [ANTHRAX singer] John [Bush] called him up on stage to do 'Madhouse' with us," guitarist Scott Ian wrote on ANTHRAX's official web site. "Ripper tore through it! What a voice on that guy. It's unbelievable. He needs to be in a band working because it's a shame that people aren't getting to hear this guy more often. He's amazing."

In related news, Ohio-based cover band THE SICKNESS, whose current touring lineup includes Owens, have posted a bunch of recent live photos at their official web site. Check them out: April11 (at Sadie Rene's in N. Canton, Ohio),May10 (at Mangos in Alliance, Ohio).

THE SICKNESS, who also feature in their ranks two of Owens' former bandmates, bassist Dennis Hayes (formerly of Tim's pre-PRIEST group WINTERS BANE) and drummer Tim Semelsberger (from an early Ripper-fronted cover band, U.S. METAL),have lined up the following dates during the coming months:

May 31 - Sherlock's - Erie, PA
Jun. 07 - Voodoo - Akron, OH
Jun. 13 - Bulldog's - Akron, OH
Jun. 27 - Mangos - Alliance, OH
Jun. 28, - Sherlock's - Erie, PA
Jul. 03 - Sadie Rene's - N. Canton, OH
Jul. 12 - Rock N' Roll Heaven - Cheektowaga, NY
Jul. 25 - Mangos, - Alliance, OH
Jul. 26 - Sherlock's - Erie, PA
Aug. 23 - Rock N' Roll Heaven - Cheektowaga, NY
Aug. 29 - Sadie Rene's - N. Canton, OH
Aug. 30 - Sherlock's - Erie, PA
Sep. 26 - Sadie Rene's - N. Canton, OH
Oct. 04 - Rock N' Roll Heaven - Cheektowaga, NY

THE SICKNESS, a self-dubbed "raging extreme-rock tribute" act, perform a set list that leans heavily on the "nu metal" side of things. Among the cuts regularly included in the group's set are those from DISTURBED ("Stupify", "Prayer", "Down With The Sickness"),GODSMACK ("Awake", "Voodoo", "I Stand Alone", "Greed"),LINKIN PARK ("In The End", "One Step Closer"),LIMP BIZKIT ("Break Stuff", "Hot Dog"),CREED ("Bullets", "What If"),PAPA ROACH ("Last Resort"),and DROWNING POOL ("Bodies").

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