JUDAS PRIEST: Work On New Album Is 'Going Incredibly Well'

September 12, 2006

JUDAS PRIEST Management Co-Ordinator Jayne Andrews has posted the following message on the band's official web site:

"As usual when the band are working on a new album, the website will be very quiet. The guys do not want any information being given out at this time. As soon as they are ready to announce anything, I will do so for them!! They are taking a very short break just now but will continue working on the album next week. It is going incredibly well!! So please, be patient and as I always say... it will be worth waiting for!!!"

In a June 2006 interview with MTV.com, JUDAS PRIEST frontman Rob Halford said about the group's upcoming concept album about the legendary 16th-century French prophet Nostradamus, "Nostradamus is all about metal, isn't he? He was an alchemist as well as a seer — a person of extraordinary talent. He had an amazing life that was full of trial and tribulation and joy and sorrow. He's a very human character and a world-famous individual. You can take his name and translate it into any language and everybody knows about him, and that's important because we're dealing with a worldwide audience."

In addition to digging new lyrical ground for JUDAS PRIEST, the album will contain musical elements that might surprise their fans. "It's going to have a lot of depth," the singer explained. "There'll be a lot of symphonic elements. We might orchestrate it, without it being overblown. There may be a massive choir at parts and keyboards will be featured more prominently, whereas they've always been in the background before."

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