Judge Upholds Confession In 'SLIPKNOT-Inspired' Murder

August 31, 2004

Tim Grenda of The Press-Enterprise is reporting that a teenage murder defendant who listened to the song "Disasterpiece" by SLIPKNOT before she and a 20-year-old man lured their friend to his death last year did not have her rights violated by the San Bernardino police when they didn't allow the girl's father to visit her during police questioning, a judge ruled Monday (Aug. 30).

The ruling by San Bernardino County Superior Court Judge J. Michael Welch means prosecutors will be allowed to use as evidence a videotaped confession to the crime given by Amber Rose Riley.

Riley, now 17, and her friend, Jason Lamar Harris, now 21, are charged with murder in connection with the May 23, 2003, stabbing of Terry Taylor.

Prosecutors allege that Riley and Harris lured Taylor, a friend, to Perris Hill Park late at night, then attacked him with butcher knives.

San Bernardino County Deputy District Attorney Doug Poston said Riley and Harris listened to the SLIPKNOT song "Disasterpiece", whose lyrics talk about slitting a victim's throat.

Riley also admitted watching a horror movie titled "Satan's School for Girls" before the slaying, Poston said.

Harris confessed to the killing, but because he was an adult, there was no legal question as to whether his parents had a right to see him during police questioning. Prosecutors said the killing was motivated by Riley's desire to see a dead body.

If convicted, Riley could face as long as 26 years to life in prison. For Harris, a conviction could bring a prison sentence of as long as 56 years to life.

Their trial is set to begin in October. Read more (free subscription required).

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