KAMELOT Complete Nine Songs For New Album

June 30, 2006

KAMELOT's official web site has been updated with a short interview the band's webmaster conducted with the group's guitarist/mainman Thomas Youngblood:

Q: You have two shows this coming weekend, tell us more? Will there be some special guests?

Thomas: "We are heading to Amsterdam for the Waldrock festival and a headliner show the Plato in Helmond, Netherlands. These shows will feature a rare appearance of soprano vocalist Mari on some of the songs as well as Elisabeth Kjarnes. They both sang on 'The Black Halo' and we are pleased to bring them with us this time. Also, I heard our very good friend and colleague Simone from EPICA will be at the Helmond show. This show is looking like a big party, literally that is. We have a meet-and-greet after the show which should be lots of fun. Our news friends XYSTUS will support along with Dutch newcomers SEVENTH SIN."

Q: How was the Sweden Rock Festival? We heard it was a killer show by you guys?

Thomas: "We are still re-living the Sweden Rock show two weeks ago in Sölvesborg. It was a great time on stage and seeing the fans before and after the show. The signing session was cool, we met fans from Italy, Japan (the sake is great, thanks!) and many other countries outside of Sweden. For the stage we arranged some pyros with our friends in Sweden and we heated up everyone in the front row. Also playing a festival with some legends is really cool, WHITESNAKE, DEEP PURPLE, JOURNEY etc..."

Q: Any news on the new album?

Thomas: "Following the Dutch shows we are meeting with Sascha and Miro in Germany to discuss and review the new songs for the follow up to 'The Black Halo'. No title yet folks but we have nine songs finished and will add 3-4 more before all is said and done. We are hoping for a spring 2007 release followed by a huge tour of Europe, Asia, South America and North America. The time off has been essential to having new ideas and inspirations for the next release. "

Q: What is the expectations so far to the North American tour?

Thomas: "Well, I hear the presales are going very good for the upcoming tour in September with special guests EPICA. Its coming very fast but we are 100% ready to rock the U.S. and Canada. Thanks to all the fans in the U.S. and Canada for buying 'The Black Halo', this has made the tour possible. We expect some of our best gigs ever on this tour, we have a great package for the fans and the shows will be fun and energetic."

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