KATAKLYSM Re-Record 'Victims Of This Fallen World' Album For Fall Release

August 24, 2004

Canadian death metallers KATAKLYSM are in the middle of a dispute with former Hypnotic Records head honcho Tom Treumuth and Linus Ent./Warner Music Canada regarding the re-release of the 1998 album "Victims Of This Fallen World", previously released on Canada's Hypnotic label.

The problem is that the album has been out of print because of the demise of the Hypnotic label and KATAKLYSM having fulfilled their contractual commitment to the company. As a result, KATAKLYSM have been working the past month at completely re-recording "Victims of this Fallen World" and have made a new agreement with longtime friend of the band Stephan Mellul and Skyscraper Music/Fusion 3 for a Canadian re-release. A similar agreement was made with Crash Music Inc. for the United States.

"To everyone's surprise, we have been notified that former Hypnotic owner Tom Treumuth has licensed both the 'Victims of this Fallen World' and 'Northern Hyperblast Live' albums to Linus Entertainment/Warner Music Canada for a September release, without rights nor the band's consent!!" the band said in a statement. "This is a total rip-off situation and we cannot believe Warner Music is letting this happen without even Linus Ent. having documentation allowing them to release these albums. DO NOT BUY these albums, they do not have our permission and they are stealing your money and ours!!"

Commented KATAKLYSM singer Maurizio Iacono: "J-F has been working for the last three weeks with Stephane and former drummer Max Duhamel on the re-recording of 'Victims of this Fallen World'. The album has been completely revamped from A to Z, basicaly given a facelift, with new guitar and bass sounds, and drums completely re-recorded by original drummer Max Duhamel... Only things left are vocals, scheduled for next week, new mix/mastering and new artwork will be finalised as well... We decided to do this because we feel that this album was a turning point for KATAKLYSM and the band has evolved so much since. We tought it would be fun to see how it would turn out by re-recording it with today's vision as musicians and with J-F's top notch producing skills behind it — and maybe give it some justice for what it was... And let me tell you that the results are astonishing! You'll be surprised how big it sounds already and I can't wait to lay some sick vocals on it next week. So please BOYCOTT that Linus Entertainment and Warner Music re-release, this is just about someone desperately trying to make a few extra bucks at our expense. Distro and labels — do not order it, just wait for October for this new edition re-release. It will be worth it and I'm glad I listened to J-F about doing this."

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