KATAKLYSM To Unleash 'The Heartbeast' On Upcoming Tour

April 6, 2007

During the upcoming Invaluable Darkness tour (also featuring DIMMU BORGIR, UNEARTH and DEVILDRIVER),KATAKLYSM guitarist J-F Dagenais will sport the brand new Washburn custom-made "Heartbeast" V-shaped guitar. KATAKLYSM will also be showcasing Randall cabinets and the brand new T2 guitar amp head.

Commented Washburn and Randall artist relations reps: "We at Washburn are very pleased and anxious to introduce this new signature 'V' guitar on KATAKLYSM's upcoming tour, custom made to all of J-F's preferences. His quality and virtuosity as a guitar player are undeniable. We look forward to this new venture with J-F Dagenais and KATAKLYSM … the guitar is a real beauty!"

KATAKLYSM guitarist J-F Dagenais comments: " I flew into Chicago a few weeks ago and met the wonderful people at Washburn and Randall and the vibe was great, I started playing guitar as a kid on a flying 'V' so when i tried it it totally blew my mind, I felt at home with it and it felt great, I saw the prototype of how it will look and I'm astonished! This is like a dream come true for me and I'm really happy that Washburn gave me this great gift and opportunity. I'm looking forward to ripping out the kataklysmic riffs on the 'Heartbeast' and using my new Randall T2 guitar head. The sound fucking rips!!"

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