July 11, 2003

The National Enquirer reports that Pam Anderson's relationship with Kid Rock is a lot rockier now that he's been spending intimate time with actress Alyssa Milano behind her back.

The busty blonde and her tattooed rocker fiancé were already having problems before Kid and the "Charmed" star traveled together to the Middle East in late June as part of the United Service Organizations (USO) tour. Now Kid's newfound closeness with Alyssa may end his romance with Pam for good.

A source close to Pam and Kid Rock says Kid has been looking for a reason to break off their strained relationship, and his newfound passion for Alyssa might be it.

"The romance between Kid Rock and Alyssa started from the very moment their feet left U.S. soil," an insider told The Enquirer.

"After only one day the couple was inseparable."

The three-day tour included celebrities Wayne Newton, Gary Sinise, comedian Paul Rodriquez and other stars. The group visited American troops in Baghdad, Nasiriya, and Kuwait, and the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz in the Arabian Gulf.

High-level security and a tight schedule kept the all-star group together most of the time, but Kid and Alyssa were creative at finding places to be alone.

"And when they'd come out from wherever they were hiding — a supply room, a tent, or even a bathroom — it looked like they couldn't keep their hands off of each other," the insider said.

Sources believe Kid's new fascination with Alyssa could spell the end for his on-again, off-again romance with Pam.

"The relationship has been on shaky ground and Pam has been going out without the engagement ring Kid Rock gave her because most of the time she doesn't feel like he's sincere about wanting to be married to her," said a pal.

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