KID ROCK Slapped With Trademark Infringement Lawsuit

October 26, 2002

KID ROCK's former business associates Alvin Williams and Earl Blunt, of EB-Bran Productions, are accusing Rock of trademark infringement in connection with the Top Dog Records name and logo, which appears on many of his albums and merchandise.

Top Dog Records was formed by EB-Bran Productions and Kid Rock in 1988, but never had its name or logo trademarked. Rock eventually tried to trademark Top Dog Records himself in 2001, claiming he was the sole owner, and he filed a lawsuit to invalidate a contract he'd signed with Williams in 1989.

After being notified of Rock's attempt to trademark Top Dog, EB-Bran Productions filed a countersuit claiming EB-Bran should be awarded the trademark.

Judge Nancy Edmunds of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan has yet to set a date for a hearing.

In related news, Pamela Anderson made an appearance on "Good Day Live" Friday (October 25) morning to talk about her disease (Hepatitis C) and to set the record straight about her relationship with Kid Rock. When asked if she was marrying Rock next month in Las Vegas, as Hank Williams Jr. announced on October 12, she said, "It's not true. We're not getting married yet. We're engaged, and we're enjoying the engagement, but there's a lot to be worked out yet."

Hank made the initial announcement at the Texas State Fair last month, saying, "I'm gonna be there." The couple was said to be planning to get married onstage at Kid Rock's show on November 9 at the MGM Grand in Vegas.

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