April 3, 2020

KILLSWITCH ENGAGE frontman Jesse Leach has released a new song from his "meditative ambient music" project THE WAY BACK WITHIN. "The Path" features guest vocals from Jesse's girlfriend, Philia Porphyra, and can be streamed below.

Leach stated the following about the song via Instagram: "While I have time on my hands and many thoughts. One way I thought I could express some of that was through music. So I started a page on @bandcamp for my meditative ambient music called THE WAY BACK WITHIN (Headphones highly recommended for all of this music).

"I've been creating this type of music for the better part of 2 decades but very rarely share any of it. At the moment there is one track up but I have many more to come. I also need to thank my girl @porphyraphilia for the use of her soothing voice on this track as she gently speaks some words of wisdom and encouragement on the first track called 'The Path'. We are what we create with in ourselves after all, so with this I choose to create a healing sound. I'm pleased to share with you this little known side of me.

"Remember to breathe deep and face each new day with a calm determination (as hard as that may be in these times.) My hope is this music helps to soothe the anxious soul. Lord knows we all need it now more than ever. Thanks for listening"

Leach and his girlfriend previously collaborated on a dubstep/EDM/industrial song called "Luminescent Dreams".

A little over a year ago, Leach announced that he needed time "to get help" after informing fans that he and his wife of over 16 years, Melissa, had decided to go separate ways. Leach, who had been open about his battles with anxiety and depression, took to Instagram to let his followers know that he would be seeking treatment so that he can avoid becoming "another statistic of suicide."

2018 was a tough year for Leach, who underwent surgery on his vocal cords to remove nodules, and dealt with depression, anxiety, and "full-on mental breakdowns" throughout the rest of the year. Although these setbacks had an impact on the recording schedule for the new KILLSWITCH ENGAGE album, Jesse eventually finished laying down his tracks for the effort with the help of guitarist and producer Adam Dutkiewicz, whom he has described as his "musical soulmate."

KILLSWITCH ENGAGE's latest LP, "Atonement", was released last August via Metal Blade Records in the U.S. and Sony Music Entertainment in the rest of the world.

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