KILLSWITCH ENGAGE: More 'As Daylight Dies' Details Revealed

September 20, 2006 reports that New England metallers KILLSWITCH ENGAGE have finalized the track listing for their new album, "As Daylight Dies", due on November 21 via Roadrunner Records.

"As Daylight Dies" is the result of more than a month and a half in the studio with KILLSWITCH guitarist and one of metal's "it" producers, Adam Dutkiewicz (UNDEROATH, ALL THAT REMAINS). Dutkiewicz also mixed the record, which will feature 11 tracks, including "The Arms of Sorrow", "Still Beats Your Name" and "Reject Yourself".

While KILLSWITCH's first two LPs (the band's 2000 self-titled debut and 2002's "Alive or Just Breathing") were largely collaborative, with each member chiming in on everything from riffs to vocal approaches, 2004's "The End of Heartache" was composed primarily by multi-instrumentalist Dutkiewicz.

"This one is back to the collaborations again," bassist Mike D'Antonio said. "And I think everyone's personality kind of pops out in all of the tracks. The trick with KILLSWITCH has always been that when we write together, it sounds like KILLSWITCH. And with this album, we definitely tried to make it so that everyone has their stamp and say in every song."

For the first time in KILLSWITCH's brief history, they've allowed some of their dirty, Southern-metal influences seep into the mix, and "we've injected a lot more of that sound into this thing, where we've hardly used it before," D'Antonio explained, citing New Orleans sludge specialists CROWBAR and EYEHATEGOD among the most obvious inspirational sources. "There's a riff in 'My Curse' that is very CORROSION OF CONFORMITY that I f---ing love."

"As Daylight Dies" track listing:

01. As Daylight Dies
02. This Is Absolution
03. The Arms of Sorrow
04. Unbroken
05. My Curse
06. For You
07. Still Beats Your Name
08. Eye of the Storm
09. Break the Silence
10. Desperate Times
11. Reject Yourself


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