KIM THAYIL Explains Why SOUNDGARDEN Will Perform Before NINE INCH NAILS On Upcoming Co-Headlining Tour

May 25, 2014

Mike Jones of the DC101 radio station recently conducted an interview with guitarist Kim Thayil of reunited grunge legends SOUNDGARDEN. You can now listen to the chat below.

Asked who will close the show on SOUNDGARDEN's upcoming co-headlining tour of North America with NINE INCH NAILS, which is scheduled to kick off on July 19 in Las Vegas, Thayil said: "It makes sense that we perform before them. NINE INCH NAILS is a production-heavy band. I saw the show a few months ago. [They have] amazing lights, lasers… We're more of a live rock act, and they use a lot of production, both in the audio performance and the visual performance. If we were to play after them, it would be a long wait while they struck all their equioment and gear and they cleared the stage for us. It's a lot easier for us to play before them. It would be very difficult logistically [for us to close the show]."

According to The Pulse Of Radio, SOUNDGARDEN is likely to begin working on a new studio album before the end of 2014, and singer Chris Cornell told a Los Angeles radio station that once the band gets started, its next record should come together quickly. Cornell explained, "We haven't been in a studio writing, but because everyone brings song ideas in, it goes from zero to 60 really fast. All of a sudden everyone will have two things, and that's eight songs you have to work on, and already you're well into making an album, and that could happen tomorrow."

Cornell told The Pulse Of Radio that the band will take the same approach to its seventh album as it did with 2012's "King Animal". "We're definitely gonna start writing new songs and I think we've all agreed on several occasions that we want to keep doing it," he said. "And I think it will be very similar to 'King Animal' in that there's no clock on it. And I also see us going out into some new SOUNDGARDEN frontier musically and see what it is, and hopefully we'll be here in a year or two talking about what that is."

"King Animal" was the band's first album in 16 years and followed a lengthy hiatus that lasted from 1997 to 2010.

Cornell added about making the new record, "We've made a lot of albums, how do you make the next one, and what is your reason for making it? You've got to do something else. We've always got to reach. But having said that, we always naturally do that anyways."

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