KING'S X Guitarist: We Are 'Absolutely Not' A Christian Rock Band

September 19, 2005 recently conducted an in-depth interview with KING'S X guitarist/vocalist Ty Tabor. Several excerpts follow: What inspired the title [of the new album] "Ogre Tones"?

Ty: "It was actually a joke while we were in the studio. We didn't have a real title. We started thinking of stuff that was actually sort of stupid and 'Ogre Tones' was one of them. We had this board where everything that we were doing was written down. As a joke we had 'Ogre Tones' written down on it. Anything that didn't have a title, we would call 'Ogre Something'. When it came time to come up for a title for the album, we thought that everything that we came up with sucked very badly, so we went back to 'Ogre Tones', which was the original working title. That's how most of our titles happen anyway." What has been the main motivation behind each member of the group releasing so many solos albums and being involved with so many side projects?

Ty: "If we kept crankin' out KING'S X records like that… It's something that can actually kill your career. You have to space out some things like touring or promoters won't have you back. It can all backfire and end you career if you're not careful, so you have to leave some space for people so they can want more. You have to kinda think about that and let it rest sometimes when you're all gung-ho. Anytime we've gone too fast, it's backfired. It seems to work better when we take out time. When you finish a record, it actually takes time for it to be released. We finished this record in January and it's not going to be released until September, which has given us some time at home, which has been just wonderful. We were all able to get lives again, which was nice. Because of all of that, we find ourselves in a position where we need to do side projects. A lot of the time, the side projects are done during times when we have to wait to do another KING'S X record. We might as well work during that cycle instead of sitting around and starving." Do you consider KING'S X a Christian Rock band?

Ty: "Absolutely not. In fact, I don't think a lot of people would find that our beliefs fit within that very good. All three of us have very different beliefs — very, very different, in my opinion. That's the whole point, though. We all see things in a different way. I think we see things in a radically different way, but we connect on the same level on a lot of other things. One of the things we believe in is not imposing our beliefs on someone else. All of us know we're all big enough idiots where were gonna go back and say, 'Hey, we knew nothing' a few years down the road. We let each other have our own beliefs and leave room for that. I think because some press somewhere called us a Christian band, all of a sudden there a lot of people that saw us that way. The truth is, the three of us have always been absolutely horrified with having anything to do with the actual Christian industry. There are very few things that we actually have such vile feelings for. They represent a lot of things that I just can't recognize as having anything to do with the Christian industry. It just makes me sick, so I've always tried to stay as far away from the Christian industry. We've intentionally stayed away from anything that could be called a Christian show because we didn't want to be associated with that in any way. We may have some beliefs that parallel some of the beliefs that people have in the Christian industry and we have some friends within the Christian industry that we think are super awesome people. It's not that were against the people in the industry — it's the industry itself that we're against. Calling yourself a Christian rock band immediately places you within that industry and that industry make us just wanna turn and run." Where do you feel KING'S X falls within the overall history of the rock 'n' roll genre?

Ty: "That's not anything for us to say, but we're beginning to realize that maybe we do have some small speck in the corner of the room somewhere (laughs). We have actually been acknowledged through the years and that just feels totally awesome. It just feels awesome to think that we have actually affected anyone in any good way with music. When some people go out and give us credit, we are just totally honored."

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