KISS: Early Live Video Footage To Be Released On DVD

November 12, 2004

Former KISS manager Bill Aucoin has told Sweden's Poster-Story web site that plans exist for KISS to release black-and-white video footage of two early shows recorded at the Coventry on December 22-23, 1973. "I shot them on black-and-white video just to see how the show came together and how they looked," he said. "Just for them to see themselves. Then I put the tape away and I didn’t look at it ‘til last year for the first time. And then I showed it to Gene [Simmons] and Paul [Stanley], they couldn't believe it. And when you get a chance to see it… it's quite exciting."

According to Aucoin, the footage will likely see the light of day on DVD next year and will be part of another package, the details of which have yet to be divulged.

Read Bill Aucoin's entire interview with Poster-Story at this location.

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